I was working in the company Hodinky 365 for 4 months as a video maker. My contribution to the company mainly consisted of product promotion via digital content on social medias, recording audio/video footage, taking photos and lastly their subsequent editing and publishing.
Major tasks:
- Taking photos of the products, arrangement, their retouchement editation & publishment.
- Taking care of our studio and it's electronics.
- Proper setting of light, cameras, composition, scene as a whole including sound check.
- Making graphics for the articles, banners (inc. youtube ones), video thumbnails and other special requests from redaction staff.
- Recording footage for product reviews, podcasts and previews.
- Video editing, graphics, effects and the final render.
- Responsibility for uploading & publishing videos on two Youtube channels:
Minor tasks:
- Working with the catalog of products and their linkage to our videos.
- Approval of english/slovak articles translated from czech and it's correction.
- Taking photos of a products marked as "second quality".
- Quality control of videos made by external contractors.
Working with these people personally has been an awesome experience. I'm very grateful for chance to grow and learn new things. 
Thank you!
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